• Calgard Associates Increases Sales Effectiveness with VipeCloud

  • “VipeCloud is helping us close deals more efficiently.”

    -Mike Vrchota, ISU Insurance Services – Calgard Associates


    Like most salespeople, Mike is constantly looking for ways to increase his effectiveness at selling. Mike is a Certified Workers Compensation Advisor for ISU Insurance Services - Calgard Associates, and uses VipeCloud to streamline engaging, qualifying, and serving his customers.


    “VipeCloud makes email marketing fun again because they make it easy. Everything flows and what VipeCloud has done just fits naturally,” explains Vrchota. “I love the VipeCloud email series and sign up web forms. They’re easy to create, easy to deploy, and they let me communicate with my prospects and customers."


    Mike has created sign up forms for each product he offers in order to collect necessary information from his customers, in a format that’s easy for prospects and clients. The result is an improvement in his lead qualification and an increase in sales efficiency. Here is an example of one of his sign up forms to receive a Workers Compensation Insurance quote: https://v.vipecloud.com/list/b13pymuwvogkw8og8c.


    Mike’s increased usage of VipeCloud’s All-in-One CRM capabilities has also allowed him to cancel subscriptions to other sales and marketing tools from various vendors that didn’t work well or were hard to implement. The end result is an increase in his sales effectiveness and a substantial decrease in cost and frustration.


    Going forward, he intends to explore more of VipeCloud’s functionality. “My goal is to start 2017 with an organized set of tools,” Vrchota says. “The next aspects of VipeCloud I intend to implement are their social marketing and pipeline management. I also love that VipeCloud is constantly refining and adding touches throughout their program.”