• HireEducation shortens sales cycle by 15% with VipeCloud

  • “VipeCloud helps us connect more closely with our customers, efficiently.”

    –Jim Doyle, Manager of Outreach and Marketing


    Success in the recruiting business is a matter of filling the top of the funnel with opportunities. Like most businesses, contacting a lot of people with the right message is time consuming and not easy. HireEducation has found a way to make this process much more efficient. An executive search firm specializing in the Education market and also a member of the Sanford Rose Associates network of offices, HireEducation uses VipeCloud.


    “We realized a tremendous increase in sales efficiency with VipeCloud,” explains Jim Doyle, Manager of Outreach and Marketing at Hire Education. “In the past year, our average time to placement has decreased by 15%, shortening our placement time by almost two weeks!"


    With VipeCloud, HireEducation easily creates and sends personalized group emails to target candidates and hiring managers. VipeCloud’s analytics provide easy-to-understand insights into recipient engagement, effectively creating prioritized call lists for HireEducation’s team. One member of the team is so effective at closing deals – placing candidates - that she is consistently ranked as one of the top recruiters across the entire Sanford Rose Associates network of 75 independently operating offices.


    As HireEducation continues to grow its team, it’s also looking to deepen its usage of VipeCloud. “This quarter we’re looking to increase our efficiency even more by implementing VipeCloud’s email series functionality, further automating our outreach” Doyle says. “In addition, we plan to start using VipeCloud’s new pipeline management capability for business development so our forecasts are automatically populated with our customer interaction data.”