• Menlo Partners Staffing Automates Marketing with VipeCloud

  • “Blown away by VipeCloud's customer service and product enhancements.”

    -Courtney Meyer, President, Menlo Partners Staffing, Inc.

    Courtney Meyer was looking for a ways to automate her marketing, often a complex issue for a small business owner like herself. She was excited to find that VipeCloud offered many capabilities which she would otherwise have to attain by subscribing to several different products or paying consultants.


    "VipeCloud is a CRM, a social platform like Hootsuite, a marketing automation offering like MailChimp or Constant Contact, and more," explains Meyer. "In addition, it includes landing pages so I don't need to pay my web developer to create them and a marketing consultant to design them. The savings VipeCloud offers me across products and services for which I would otherwise pay is a real return on investment."


    Meyer continues that what she likes best about VipeCloud is, "Instantaneous insight into the results of my emails, the ability to schedule a series of emails to lists of contacts, the ability to share directly to several social platforms, and fantastic customer service."


    As much as VipeCloud included many services Meyer needed, she requested the ability to email blog articles via an RSS feed directly from her website. When VipeCloud delivered the capability in just a couple weeks, Meyer was "blown away" by the quality, speed, and thoroughness of VipeCloud's customer support.


    Going forward Meyer is excited to utilize the new RSS to Email capability.